Focusing exclusively on the expansion and support of addiction treatment facilities, we are laserfocused on the challenges you face. Often funding is difficult to acquire, and embarking on a development project requires know-how you may not have. Our team facilitates your growth, and is your partner for continued success in addiction recoveries.

We are your partner for

• Realizing your goal of opening a first-time facility
• Seeking real estate and investors for non-profit treatment groups
• Expanding a growing treatment facility into new locations

We have a passion to serve this industry, and our unique combined experience in venture capital and recovery center management makes us a fitting partner for your growth goals. Through the parent company M.W. Incarnate Capital, we operate a private capital firm, growing a network of strategic capital investors and assisting businesses in solidifying their long-term growth potential.

Our other passion project for the last 30 years has been managing a non-profit alcohol and drug residential and intensive outpatient facility. We understand the management challenges and can support you with back office processes necessary to administer the facility, such as legal formation, accounting, reporting, collection, and more.

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